Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A few brave souls....

My Brute Manager version 0.6, although not yet officially complete is available for beta-testing. Anyway brave enough to deal with the potential problems is welcome to try it out. To help beta-test 0.6, head over to this forum post that contains a download link as well as a list of current known bugs with 0.6 Once I get all the bugs ironed out, I'll upload the official release of 0.6 to all the normal places.

So many things have gone into 0.6 that I can't even recall them all, I'll have to compile a list from all my notes before the official release. The major ones though are that Way more information about your brutes/enemies (Including aliases for your enemies) are now collected and the retro-active pupil collector that didn't quite make the cut for version 0.5 is now in 0.6.

Don't worry if you don't want to beta-test. Now that I'm finally at this point, it should be cleaned up relatively fast.

Also 0.5g, has been translated for You can download La Brute Manager here.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Minor updates all around

  • My Brute Experience Lookup now works for and
  • Urban Rivals Card Database now automatically updates when the list of ELO Banned Characters changes
  • The Arena Patch has been rolled into the main distro of My Brute Manager
  • El Bruto Manager has now been natively translated (my spanish was horrible) and also got the arena patch
  • The config pages for both managers now have the option to sort your enemies by name or level.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The forum is up.

The forum is up: It should provide a much better way to communicate. Don't worry, if you don't want to join the forum, I'll still respond to posts on this blog.

Another Month Older

Two months now I've been working on!
May was a pretty slow month, basically because My Brute Manager took so much of my time. But that's because it is hands-down the most popular tool! With 10,000 downloads combined between all the different versions not to mention over 100 blog posts giving me great feedback it just keeps getting better and better.

June should prove to be a fruitful month. I've got a handful of new tools that are nearing completion. A couple more for Urban Rivals and a few for a new game, Tribal Wars. And I've got a new tool coming for My Brute that could maybe, just maybe, be more popular than My Brute Manager--only time will tell ;)

But first though, I'm going to add a forum for the website. The blog has been great for giving feedback, but a threaded forum will just be more usable than one blog post getting dozens and dozens of comments all intertwined.

Plus I've always been open to new game/tool requests, but a forum should make it more obvious.

So thanks again to everybody for all your support. Time for an explosive month ahead.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Long awaited MBM v0.5d

I know a lot of you have been anxiously waiting for it, and here it is, My Brute Manager version 0.5d

Here's this big ticket items:
  • First Quick Fight of each brute erratically not being skipped has been fixed
  • The arena management is way better now, with better functioning cell links, enemy management add/remove links, and hovering your mouse over an opponent can preview their battle victories and bonuses.
  • Quick Fights have been totally redone, and are now much, much faster!
  • Searching for quick fight opponents of varying levels is now an option on the config page and works for enemies and for random opponents
  • Also available on the config page, optional auto-retries for when pages are loaded in the background, namely Quick Fights, or the new arena Bonus Preview
  • And another new option you can turn on if you want: Auto-Navigate to the next brute when the current brute finishes its last quick fight
I also updated the basic instructions on MBM's main page and updated the config page with lots of big-bold-annoying instructions to help users figure out how the config page works.

The config page also expires after one hour, so those users that leave it open, open multiple copies of it, or suffer from Firefox's caching of an old version of their config, won't accidentally get reverted back to old settings.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Urban Rival's Characters Updated

The character pages of the Card Database have been updated with a few new features. First off, the pages were cleaned up a bit to make the layout a little better.

Also, all the characters' stories are now in the database.
And now on each character's page you can see some or all of the following options, determined by dynamic searches. You can quickly compare each character to:
  • Other cards in the same clan with the same Maximum Level
  • Other cards with the exact same stats/ability
  • Other cards with similar stats/abilities
  • The cards closest in Clintz cost to the character

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Brute Manager Backup & Restore

Just like it sounds, now you can backup your MBM settings to a text file, and then restore them from that file if something happens to your set-up.

This also means MBM is portable!! If you have MBM setup just how you like it on one computer, but want to play on a different computer, just use a copy of that backup file.

Just head over to your configuration page and the new EXPORT / IMPORT buttons should be pretty obvious.
As part of getting it set-up, the configuration page went through a few updates, most notably, It now let's you know what version you are on, and what the current version is.